Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rebound Books

While I was perusing my local bookshop today, a pile of books caught my eye.  They were diaries with oh-so-familiar Little Golden Book covers!  I SO want this one (but unfortunately I already have a 2011 diary)...

When I got home, I looked up the Rebound Books website to find out more.  Each diary is handmade, using an original Little Golden Book and Australian made 100% recycled paper.  The pages of the Golden Book stories themselves are scattered throughout the pages of the diary. They also make journals, photo albums, and sketchbooks, amongst other things.  I think this is such a charming idea, and I really enjoyed looking through the available designs and reminiscing about those that I had when I was a kid (like the one above).  Just as well they didn't have "Goodnight, Little Bear" or "Home For a Bunny"...I'm not sure I could have resisited either of those!


  1. hi Kate,
    thank you for your kind words about our 2011 Rebound Diaries! we might have a Goodnight Little Bear or Home For A Bunny in our workshop so if you'd like us to have a look for you, feel free to email us at
    kind regards,
    Natalie & Ben, Rebound Books

  2. I noticed one of my favourites - "Cave Kids"!