Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Colouring Book & Pencil Holder for a 4 year old boy

This is a gift I made for a four year old boy. I followed One Red Robin's Notebook & Pencil Holder tutorial. Instead of fastening it with ribbon, which I thought was a bit too girly, I sewed a black button to the front and a piece of black elastic (I actually used a hair band!) to the back (the elastic was sewn into the seams in the same way as the ribbon in the tutorial).

I teamed the pencil holder with a handmade colouring book, using Chez Beeper Babe's fantastic tutorial. I found some colouring pages featuring some of the birthday boy's favourite characters on this site. I personalised the colouring book by printing his name on the front cover.

I have since made countless versions of the colouring book and pencil holder for my kids and their friends...and they just loved them! When I have some more free time, I would like to have a go at making the colouring pages more personalised by either drawing some pictures myself, having the kids draw some pictures, or even altering our family photographs in photoshop.

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